Thursday, September 13, 2007

I Remember When- Memories 1970-1980

Please share your stories that occurred between 1970 and 1980 here.

I remember that the old Duncan barn had hundreds of pigeons in it. Brett Crumb, my brother Mike and I decided that we would try to catch some of those pigeons and sell them to a dealer in Orange City. We hatched a plan to cover all of the escape holes and then blind the pigeons with our flashlights. The plan worked and we had a couple of hundred pigeons flying around so crazily that you couldnt hardly stand up. To complicate matters, the loft floor was covered in about two feet of pigeon droppings that were sold old that it became dust as we tramped around up there. You couldnt breathe and you couldnt see, even with the flashlights. We just blindly reached out and grabbed anything that had feathers. We made quite a haul that night and sold about 250 pigeons at .50 cents each. A week or so later I contracted ringworm and I am sure that it came from breathing in those old pigeon droppings. Its a wonder that we didnt catch anything else.


Anonymous said...

The following is from Keni Snedeker. A good story? hmmmmmmmmmmmm, there are many of them as I recall, but you brought up a really good point, which is the fire department...Man, they were something in "the day". I remember going downtown with some friends even when I was like 5 or maybe 6, to watch them doing fire drills and practice. And they ended up winning how many state championships? And yeah, I remember ol' Pappy and the old fire truck(don't even know if that's still around), Harry Miller's car lots(which I can remember all too well, because of the windows that I busted out...or supposedly busted out(I'm still in denial to this day) and his old garage that used to have the old Dodge MOPAR POWER sign above the door! Bob Miller and I used to hang around down there when Ward worked in a matter of fact I remember when Floyd Torkelson used to be in the grocery store telling us one time that the Harlem Globetrotters once played there, back before it was a garage. Mrs. Loe, she was just downright awesome. Had her as a teacher in school and she was really a nice person. She ended up giving our class a dinner at her home, across from Polly Marshalls, a real authentic scandenavian dinnner. John Homandberg, besides being a relative to me, he was a pretty good old guy. I remember when the station used to be between the elevator and the lumber yard and they had the coolest atmosphere, between the gas smell and him buying me a soda every time me and my Dad would go in there. I guess that's why I liked going out in the bulk truck with Mark so much. Perry Enger...Let me tell you Randy, there was no nicer person(well, maybe Clarence Bemis)to the kids...I remember having maybe a couple dimes in my pocket and going to the pool hall and spend the whole afternoon in there!!! Free licorice it seemed like, and seeing those old guys playing cards in the smoke filled room...Oliver Sorlie, now there was a good old guy too. I remember going to his place out on the corner and I always wanted that airplane he had for a weather vane ou in the yard, oh and when he brought his car in to the station and they were surprised that it was still running...good memories.

Randy Kruid said...

Luanne Torpe writes: I was reading about your pigeon exploits and it reminded me of my brother Johnny. He and Merlyn Torkelson used to go to the same barn and shoot pigeons and then take them home and want my Mom (your former teacher Mrs. Scott) to not only clean them, but bake them in the over……..squab you know!!!!!

I am going to get the information about Pappy, (my husbands Uncle by the way) that you were wondering about, compile it and send it on to you. Lynn Thorpe will have some memories as well, so I’ll ask him. Pappy was known in every fire department across the state of S.D. because of his participation and his pride in Hudson’s fire dept. He was the fire chief for so many years……….He was also an officer in the state firemans association and everyone knew his name!! I’ll tell you a story about that someday soon when I get everything together about him………….