Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Hudson Today

Hudson is a community of approx 395 persons. It is located along the Big Sioux River and approx 17 miles east of I-29, between Sioux Falls and Sioux City. It has seen hard times during the past 40 years, but in the recent past people are dicovering this secret hideaway and have come to enjoy its secluded , quiet atmosphere. Property prices have climbed steadily and the city has begun to enjoy an expansion and renewal of the downtown business district. Homes are being remodeled and properties have been cleaned up. There is a new fire department, city hall and city daycare. The Fillin Station, former lumberyard, old fire house, grocery, elevator and mercantile have had facelifts. I have heard that the bank will also be getting a new facelift in the near future. I know from personal experience that the town board and the Economic Development Corporation are easy to work with and while their resources are limited, they go out of their way to assist in whatever they can.
I will be posting contemporary photos of the town and homes in the future. Please feel free to email me with any photos that you would like to have posted. I would really like to see some of our early immigrant homes preserved and restored to original. Perhaps someone could find a use for them as a "Sunday home" as they called them in Texas. I have posted photos of two early homes and of the bridge that I know as "Coles Bridge".
Coles bridge is another beautiful spot and with a little work it could be a lovely local spot for picnicing and fishing. Unfortunately it is currently a place for beer parties and the area has been trashed. The cement deck is suffering from the effects of bonfires that have been built on the bridge and I have found burnt remains of everything from wood pallets to TV's and even a piano. Scenic spots available to the public, like this bridge are rare and should be preserved.
I wish that we had a horse, hiking or bike trail from rr bridge north of the gravel pit then south along the river to Coles bridge and perhaps 3 or 4 miles beyond that. I know every bit of that river bank from Simuneks old place to the Hawarden bridge. There is some really nice country in there. I remember when Coles pasture had trees in the wetland bog and you could find frogs, ducks, pheasants and other wildlife in there. Hudson could be a place where people could enjoy the solitude and wildlife all along the river. Many of us older folks (me? I am only 50) think of the Big Sioux as that nasty old river. Well, I believe that it has changed a great deal and people are finding an appreciation for it and are enjoying canoeing and hiking along its banks. The area around Hudson is still an undeveloped well kept secret.

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